Sunday, October 1, 2023
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    Does Your Grandson Think Your Joke is Racist Because He’s Woke, or Because It Uses the N-Word?

    We may not enjoy it, but the simple fact is that times are, indeed, a-changing.

    In fact, it doesn’t really matter from which point you measure from. The simple truth is that social and cultural traditions change throughout time. Sometimes, these changes can leave us feeling like we don’t even belong in the world we’re living in anymore.

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    Take for instance, your absolutely hilarious jokes. Your whole entire life, friends and family have told you how funny you are. They’ve said your jokes are the best. You would crack up every single family reunion and holiday gathering with them, in fact.

    Something has changed, lately, though.

    This last Christmas, you told one of your favorite jokes of all time. You nailed the punchline. But instead of a room full of belly-laughs, you got silence! And to make things worse — your grandson Skyler clucked his tongue, shook his head, and told you that the joke wasn’t even funny!

    In fact, that little soyboy betacuck had the audacity to tell you, “Grandpa, that joke is straight up racist!”

    It probably left your head spinning for a moment. Twenty years ago, you could beat the living hell out of your grandkid and call it “discipline.” Now, though, the Libtarded Forces of Woke-ism would come and have you taken to an Obama/Soros FEMA camp! In fact, is that why your grandson didn’t laugh at your joke?

    Has he already been converted to the Cult of Woke?

    Surely that must be it! It’s not that your joke isn’t funny. It’s not that you aren’t funny. It’s not that your joke was written more than half a century ago. It’s not that you refuse to acknowledge that things are different now.

    It’s because your least favorite child raised your now least favorite grandson to be a woke, libtarded snowflake! That’s why. That’s why the little shit bird didn’t laugh at your hilarious joke!

    Because it’s definitely not that your joke contains the N-word; that’s for certain.

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    James Schlarmann
    James Schlarmann
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