Sunday, October 1, 2023
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    All The Ways You’re Not An Idiot For Comparing Federal Labor Guidelines on Vaccinations to the Holocaust

    So, you find yourself outraged and incensed that your government doesn’t function like it’s still 1776, and you’re furious that the president issued a directive to a federal agency the Constitution says he has the power to direct. Deep down, in your heart of hearts, you know this has to be an outrageous, tyrannical move. And you know that the founding fathers, the slaveholding, rich, elitist, land owners they were, would absolutely be appalled about it — at least until they remembered George Washington ordered the Continental Army to be vaccinated against small pox.

    All this tyranny you’re seeing — the tyranny of a federal agency literally empowered lawfully by Congress and the Constitution — makes you start to see patterns. You’re experiencing parallels. Those parallels have awoken a deep feeling that you simply must do something. You must say something.

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    And that something you simply must say, is that clearly these vaccine requirements put on companies that OSHA has authority over is exactly like the Holocaust. The Nazi one. But, you wonder, are you a complete and total moron for comparing a public health mandate for a free, life saving vaccine to the forced internment and extermination of Jews, other ethnic minorities, and LGTQBQ Germans?

    Of course not! Why would you think you’re a dime-a-dozen moron with a bargain basement intellect, just because you’re comparing an order given by a duly elected president to mandate a life saving vaccine to a brutal, murderous regime that was all about life ending experiments? That’s crazy talk!

    And the next time some idiot on the Internet tells you that you’re the idiot for making that comparison, you get this handy list out, and you show them all the reasons you’re not a complete fucking tool for even thinking the thought, much less elucidating it!

    All The Ways You’re Not An Idiot For Comparing Federal Labor Guidelines on Vaccinations to the Holocaust











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