WASHINGTON, D.C. — Alleged billionaire reality-TV star, failed steak salesman, and somehow President of the United States Donald. J. Trump reportedly struggled for hours to thread a needle this morning, delaying his entire day’s schedule in the process.

“We were late to every meeting this morning,” the White House Press Secretary told reporters, “because the president really wanted to sew a button back onto his jacket himself — like winners do — and he was having tremendous difficulty getting the needle threaded.”

Reporters were further informed that from White Staffers staffers could tell, the issue arose out of the fact that the needle and thread were very small, and Trump’s digits may not have had “substantial enough length,” as one aide described it, to thread the needle. Reportedly he and many other people in the room offered to thread the needle for Trump, but the president repeatedly balked at the suggestion.

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“Get the fuck outta here widdat,” Trump reportedly told Kellyanne Conway, “what kinda massive, yooge loser can’t sew his own button?”

But, sources say, Trump just could not get his fingers to grasp the needle and thread at the same time, and neither of his hands seemed large enough to hold either.

For thirty minutes his closest advisers watched as Trump struggled to even hold the needle upright. One adviser said Trump’s fingers made the needle “look like a street lamp” in his hands, and the real estate baron just couldn’t keep his hands around it.

“He just kept looking at the needle, and the thread, and his hands, and screaming and cursing,” an aide said.

Ultimately, after about ninety minutes of struggling, Trump was convinced to just grab another jacket. Unfortunately, he had difficulty wrapping his fingers around the hanger, which felt massive in his hands, and that process put his daily itinerary off by another hour or so.

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