Monday, October 2, 2023
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    Stan Lee Plans To Make Surprise Humorous Cameo In Upcoming Funeral

    EXCELSIOR, CALIFORNIA — Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics and some of the publisher’s most iconic characters, will make a special cameo appearance at an upcoming funeral — his own.

    “We cannot in good conscience not give the fans what they’ve come to expect from Marvel productions,” Marvel media liaison Henrietta Spikelson told us via Skype. “Stan’s funeral will be no different. Over the years, fans have come to expect to see Stan in some surprising, fun way. His funeral will be no different.”

    As is the case on every Marvel production, exact details or being kept under close wraps, but Spikelson said that people should “expect the unexpected” and that “anything can happen.”

    “Maybe Stan will play a clumsy pall bearer, or maybe he’ll play a bystander who happens to pass the funeral service and ask who’s the unlucky stiff,” Spikelson said. “Or maybe we’ll use a little Marvel magic and CG Stan into Iron Man’s suit and have him rocket the casket to the edges of space, where the Guardians of the Galaxy will then promise to safeguard it until it can be jettisoned into the sun.”

    Reached for comment, The Incredible Hulk indicated he is pleased with the plans for Mr. Lee to make a cameo at his own funeral.

    “CAMEO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD,” Hulk was quoted as telling friends when he heard the news. “CAMEO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!”

    Tony Stark seemed dubious, however.

    “So he’s going to do a cameo in his own funeral? That’s…I don’t…look, I don’t get how any of this is going to work,” Stark said. “And I get that complaining about the realism of this concept is silly when we’re talking about superheros with super powers, but still, whoever came up with this idea must’ve just been really desperate to get a witty headline out there about a current event, because I just can’t get my head around how that would work. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get this alien tech in the middle of my chest looked at on that giant, flying, aircraft carrier.”

    There have been no details announced from Lee’s state as to when or where any services will take place.

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