All The Presidents Who Were Impeached Twice

History is long, sure, but like, really long. Apparently, history goes back, literally forever. Did you know that? I didn’t personally know that before I started doing my research on this piece. But it’s true! History does in fact stretch from right now all the way back to the beginning of time.

So, when I was assigned this piece by our editorial board, which admittedly consists of me, myself, and this asshole I see in the mirror every morning, I wasn’t quite sure how long it would take me to do all that research. I was asked to compile an exhaustive, complete list of all the Presidents of the United Stats of America who have ever been impeached twice.

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Luckily for me, the United States was formed in 1776, and didn’t hold its first presidential election until 1788. So I didn’t have to look back throughout all of time, as it turned out. I just had to look into the history of the 45 men who have held the office.

After doing the most exhaustive research in my life, I can now offer you, definitively, a breakdown of every single president who has had to live with the infamy and ignominy of being not just impeached once, but twice.

Here now is the list, in no particular order.

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

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