Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Where Does the Constitution Allow for Delusional Losers With Hurt Feelings to Be Reinstated?

Since November 2020, it’s become increasingly apparent that millions of Americans are under the impression that the United States Constitution allows for a delusional, defeated president to be reinstated, despite losing his or her re-election bid. For nearly 250 years, it hasn’t really been a subject that’s needed much discourse, because no man who lost his bid to be president has attempted to wiggle his way back into power. The last man to be president, however, is such a delusional person, and as such he and his surrogates have made it abundantly clear to his base and rabid cult following that such a clause exists.

Since we all know that there’s just no possible way that the guy who said we can inject bleach to kill COVID would lie to make himself look better, we simply must take him at his word. There must be a passage, or a clause, that gives defeated former presidents, even ones that were impeached twice and never won the popular vote, a back door way back into the Oval Office and behind the Resolute Desk, where they can once again stock it with KFC and Diet Cokes.

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The first thing we did was download a PDF copy of The Constitution. To test our CTRL-F functionality, we searched for the word “capitalism” and the phrase “free market.” However, we didn’t turn up any results. Undaunted, we shifted our search to looking for the word “reinstated” and the phrase “butt hurt wannabe dictator crybaby bitch.” However, those searches also brought back zero results. So it was time to reach out to the experts; scholars in the field of constitutional law.

We called up two professors of constitutional law, and one practicing constitutional law attorney, and here’s where they said we can find the passage in the Constitution that lays out the reinstatement process.

Gerald McHerald, 39, Practicing ConLaw Attorney:

“Ummm. What the fuck you say now?”

Susan Soopkichen 63, Professor of Constitutional Studies at Northwest Southern Idaho Bay University: 

“I’m not sure where you’ll find that particular passage, but I did hear rumors once that it was drafted in the basement of the Alamo.”

Matthew Q. Palumbo, 45, Professor of Constitutional Mythology, Trump University Law School:


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