Saturday, September 30, 2023
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    Is Cancel Culture Why Your Grandkids Don’t Laugh at Your Hilarious Racist Jokes Anymore?

    Cancel Culture — it’s obviously the most pressing and urgent threat to American liberties in this nation’s great history. One might think that white nationalist domestic terrorism, global climate change, or systemic poverty might pose a bigger threat to civil society than someone being told they shouldn’t say something if it offends another person for no good reason, but the person making that assumption should probably be dragged into the street and shot, because all good, clean, ammo hoarding American Christian patriots know the real enemy of freedom is cancel culture.

    Think about it — before Cancel Culture, we (white) Americans could say and pretty much do whatever we wanted. If we got caught doing or saying something that people didn’t like, or thought we shouldn’t, they could say something, but we could simply (point to our white skin and) ignore it! Now? You make one little series of bad decisions and harass and stalk your ex-girlfriend and repeatedly send her pictures of your penis, while also publishing revenge porn of the sex tapes you made and you find yourself immediately CANCELLED.

    Wow! Even This Literal Braindead Zombie Knows Voter Fraud is a Dog Whistle for Voter Suppression!

    In fact — since Antifa, Inc. officially founded Cancel Culture during the Donald Trump administration (coincidence?!), things have really never been normal. Just stop and reflect on the last few jokes you’ve told to your millennial grandchildren. Before Cancel Culture, they’d laugh at every joke you made, just out of respect for how old your balls are. But now? They roll their eyes, sit in silence, or worse, dare to lecture YOU and why “we don’t say that anymore, Grandpa.”

    The next time you forward an email from Hannity’s newsletter to your grandkids — you have to wonder if they’ll laugh, or if they’ll turn you into the Communist Cancel Culture Cadre, which we all know is a very real thing. The 4-C will come, arrest you, and take you to one of the FEMA camps Obama built where you’ll be forced into a gay marriage, a diet of only plant-based foods, and trained to become an abortion doctor! All because of Cancel Cutlure.

    What is this world coming to?

    Will Biden Make You Get Gay Married Before He Issues You a Vaccine Passport Printed by Antifa, Inc?

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